Hello! I'm Britt Smith, born and raised on the beach in California I now live in the mountains of West Virginia. I love to help people make great memories, travel, and spend time with my little family.  I love everything about events and the planning process. From meeting my clients, to organizing, from contacting vendors, to creating color schemes, you can rest easy knowing you are in great hands. This is my passion and I understand how big of an investment you are making on your special day. My promise to each client is that you will have the most professional experience planning your event while at the same time making it fun and enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to look around! 


The Experience You Deserve. 

At Britt Smith Events we know how important every event is to our clients. With that in mind, we cater to your every need and strive to provide excellent service every time. Whether it is your wedding, anniversary, or corporate event, we strive to make it memorable and stress free.  

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"Britt is simply amazing, and we are so grateful for everything she did for us. When we started this whole wedding planning, my wife and I thought we could do it all on our own. We couldn't have been more wrong! Britt was there to offer guidance and advice along the way; she also brought to out attention many ideas and must-haves we hadn't even though of! Britt's most valuable asset came with the day-of responsibilities. She took car of everything from handling the vendors to transforming our venue into something beyond our wildest imagination. Her passion for helping couples achieve the wedding of their dreams is evident the first time you meet her. We are forever grateful for Britt, and we will always remember how flawless our wedding day was thanks to her. We love you Britt."- Shanon Searle, Bride

"Britt Smith acted as a Day-of coordinator for my wedding.  I was very much a DIY bride, but when a career change moved me from West Virginia to Florida six months before the wedding, I knew I needed some help.  I am so glad I found Britt! She helped me with items I knew I needed to arrange and alerted me to tasks that weren't even on my radar.  She recommended vendors and coordinated with them prior to the wedding to ensure that everyone was where they needed to be.  She helped to keep me on track with my planning and didn't let anything slip through the cracks.  She was always available and very responsive to answer any questions or concerns that came up along the way. On my wedding day she made sure that everyone had what they needed and the ceremony went more smoothly than I could have ever imagined. I am so glad that I hired Britt, she was indispensable and I don't even want to think about how stressful the day would have been without her. " - Beth Bartlett, Bride

"I cannot more highly recommend Britt Smith. I honestly didn't think I even needed a wedding planner. We had picked out the DJ, the venues, the caterer, the pastor...what else was there to do? A lot. There's a lot to do and there are a million crises that want to pop up and steal your shine. Brittany, however, will protect you from these issues like an angel sent from heaven. She will even help ascertain that you are still on speaking terms with your mother and your mother-in-law after the festivities conclude. Anytime someone calls you in hysterics while you're at work, like, 'Oh nooo, they won't TRANSPORT the hay bales unless there are 60 of them and we only need 13 and what if the straw sticks to the guests' pants?!' You can just say, 'I don't know, talk to Brittany,' and your problems stop being your problems and you go back to your job. Because of Brittany, whom my entire family adores, my wedding felt like a wedding and not an apocalypse. I cannot overstate her value. I am so, so appreciative of her instrumental aid." - Erica Eads, Bride

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