This list explains why you SHOULD hire a wedding planner, at the very least, a day-of wedding coordinator….

Wedding planning is stressful. Wedding planning is not the romantic experience one expects it to be. There are many details to take care of, meddling family and friends might drive you crazy and vendors can be a source of drama. During our engagement, several recently married friends told me that in the final month before the wedding they had been so exhausted that they just wanted the day to be over.” Huffington Post- “Why We Didn’t Hire a Wedding Planner… But Wish We Had”

There are a million questions two weeks prior to the wedding- Most people do not know this but the two weeks before the day are stressful times. Vendors ask for timelines and must be coordinated, final seating arrangements must be made, plus the venue must be set up within the last remaining, stressful hours. By hiring a planner or day-of coordinator they will handle making the timeline, speaking with vendors, and depending on what type of planner you hire, setting up the venue so you can enjoy your rehearsal dinner rather than spending the night folding napkins.

Things go wrong at the last minute- What happens if your vendor is lost? Or, you suddenly need an iron for a bridesmaid dress that fell down and was wrinkled. Who should the vendor call, or who will grab the iron? These things will inevitably happen. Instead of having them call you, or a friend, why not let the professional you hired deal with the problems?

Save $$$ - Yes wedding planners cost money, but what you don’t realize is that their relationships with vendors ensure you that you are getting the best deal. Plus you can relax knowing they know who the best in the business is.

Can take care of all the less than fun stuff – Do you really want to figure out where the limo is going to meet your guests? Or how much ice and soda you need for your wedding? Some do, most don’t. These little burdens add up and can cause great amounts of stress. An easy solution, let your wedding coordinator take care of it!

Have peace of mind that your day will go smoothly – Yes things will happen that were not anticipated, but you can relax, take in, and enjoy your day from beginning to end knowing you are in good hands with Britt Smith Events.


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