In 2010 my sister was starting to plan her wedding. It was a destination wedding in Key West, Florida so it was difficult for her to find time to work and plan everything she wanted her dream wedding to entail. Most of her days were becoming bogged down with having to call caterers, florists, restaurants, hotels, most of which were only open during the usual business hours which made it very difficult to find the time to contact everyone and still get her work done. After hearing about the trouble she was having, I decided I would help. Once I got started, I found myself loving the planning aspects of planning her wedding. Talking to all the vendors, coordinating times and creating the itinerary all came very easy for me. I guess it was my OCD type A personality that helped in this aspect. Her wedding was a three-day event which included about 40 people traveling from all over the country so an itinerary was key in planning not only the day of the wedding, but the rest of the weekend as well. Once the weekend was upon us, everyone loved the itinerary that I had planned including events such as snorkeling, group dinners and exploring the city, which people could also opt out of if they just felt like relaxing by the pool. It made me want to make other people’s events go as smoothly and plan everything from their wedding day to the days surrounding it, if family or other company was joining in on the event. Since that time, I have created a number of events while receiving my EMBA from WVU. My background in business allows your budget to be in great hands and has made my organizational skills top notch. I assure that your event will be smooth sailing from beginning to end.